A Healthy Breakfast Will Produce Healthy Parents and Children

Parents are made in all types, styles, and mind frames and usually mornings brings out the worst in some parents. We may wake up late or have another sleepless night but no matter the reasons starting the day with a healthy filling breakfast is as important for you as well as your children. Trying to get the right combination of time, ingredients, likes, and dislikes will be the key to creating a foundation of a healthy breakfast that will keep your family energized for the rest of the day.

Morning people with lots of time for breakfast can enjoy the luxury of spending more time preparing the healthy ingredients for a healthy breakfast. More time can be spent chopping the fruits and vegetables needed in a healthy breakfast. A delicious cup of coffee while preparing the morning breakfast and watching the news is a stress free start for people who have time and are those hard to find morning people.

For those of us who are not morning people and wake up late there are still some rather fantastic healthy choices to be made when feeding breakfast to our kids. We no longer need to reach for the box of cereal that is full of unhealthy ingredients. There are now healthy cereals that do not taste like the box that contains it. Many of the new cereals are tested and approved by kids. Another Idea is to prepare the food the night before giving us non-morning people more of an excuse to sleep in.

For those parents who feel that starting the day with a healthy breakfast is not important then let’s look at the facts. If you child goes to sleep at 9 o’clock pm and wakes up at 6 o’clock am that is 9 hours of fasting while still burning calories throughout the night. A child of any age should wake up needed to refuel even if he or she does not feel like eating. We as parents may also wake up without the urge to eat and reach for what is convenient or worse nothing at all. The school where my children attend has seen how important breakfast is by giving free breakfast to all students no matter the financial situation of the parents. The idea was to make sure that each child is fueled up in order to stay focused throughout the day.

The goal of a healthy breakfast is to make sure each adult has a productive and focused day. The benefits of a healthy breakfast are the ability to maintain a healthy weight and keep the risk of heart disease down. The manner in which we reach those goals are to eat more fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and eat less fatty food high in cholesterol.

The goal of a healthy breakfast for children is to help in the development of our child’s body and mind. Children are still developing mentally and physically so the fuel we give them is so important in helping them grow healthy. A healthy breakfast will help during the school year when a child needs help in concentration, memorization, problem-solving skills and missing fewer days in school.

Are You Eating a Healthy Breakfast Yet?

Let’s focus on your health and how you can improve it by eating a healthy breakfast. Notice that I said a healthy breakfast? Eating sugary cereals or leftover pizza does not count as eating a healthy breakfast.

You say you have no time to eat breakfast? It only takes getting up 10 minutes earlier so that you can eat something before your day starts.

Want to lose some weight? Eating a healthy breakfast in the morning will kick start your metabolism. During the night your body is busy conserving calories. Eating something in the morning will “break” the “fast” that your body is on and will start to end the conservation time to return your energy levels back to normal. Waiting to eat later in the morning, after being up for hours is counter-productive. Skipping breakfast does not result in losing weight, it frequently results in the total opposite. You gain weight when you skip breakfast as you tend to eat even more calories throughout the day.

You want to eat breakfast to start your metabolism running so that you have energy. A car doesn’t run on empty and neither does your body. Fill a car with premium gasoline and watch it go. It’s the same with your body by fueling it with a healthy breakfast.

Eating a healthy breakfast will stop the mid-morning high-calorie cravings for food at work and the trip to the vending machine or the donut shop for a muffin or sugary donut. Your wallet will also thank you for eating breakfast at home.

You can treat breakfast as quality time with your family. There’s nothing like sitting down and enjoying a healthy breakfast with the rest of the family. Start the day off right by eating healthy and enjoying your family. Don’t be surprised if your children do better in school, as well. Eating a healthy breakfast in the morning helps them concentrate better as they are not concerned with the rumblings in their stomachs, plus they are more likely to be physically active throughout the day.

You will be setting a good example for your children for their later years. They’ll remember sitting down with the family and enjoying their breakfast which will translate to better health in their future. Start the habit early in their lives and they will thank you for it.

You may notice that you’re more productive and al